DIY Mercury Glass Jewelry Tray

DIY-mercury-glass-jewelry-tray-frame Soon after moving into our new place, we built a few pieces of furniture— one of which being a thin console table to put on the wall across from the bed. There’s a shelf with bins for storage, but since it’s only about a foot deep there’s not a lot of surface to play around with. I did, however, want a fun jewelry tray on it… and this one fits perfectly.


I bought an 8×10″ frame at Michaels and removed the stand from the back so it would lay flat on the table. From here, there are so many options: paint the frame, add a glitter or patterned paper underneath the glass, etc. But I decided this would be a fun time to try out the DIY mercury glass method.

krylon paint, looking glass, ikea candlesticks

All you need is a spray bottle of vinegar, Krylon looking glass spray, the frame, black paper and some paper towels.

1. Take the glass out of the frame and lay it down on a drop cloth or piece of cardboard.

2. Mist it with vinegar so that there’s all sizes of water beads for dimension and character.

3. Spray it with a thin coat of looking glass spray. (This is what makes it mirrored!) Let it dry and give it a few more coats, letting it dry in between each one.

4. Gently wipe off the vinegar with the paper towel. (If you don’t like the look of it, or if you need to add more paint, you can do another spray of vinegar and coat of looking glass, then wipe it off. Whatever you’re happy with!)

5. Since I was putting a piece of black paper behind the glass in the frame, I didn’t want there to be dark black spots where there wasn’t any mirrored glass. So I gave just a light dusting of the looking glass to take the edge off.

6. Now it’s time to put it in the frame! Put the glass in, mirror side out, then the black paper and rest of the frame backing. Lay it down and add beauty products, jewelry, sunglasses, candles…style it up!

krylon paint, looking glass, ciate oil slick, nail polish, rachel zoe pin ring, midi rings, josie maran, argan infinity oil,whipped hand cream, house of harlow cuff

On my tray:


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5 Responses to DIY Mercury Glass Jewelry Tray

  1. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It
    Twitter: erinpruckno

    So pretty! Looks so fancy with all your jewels and odds and ends too : )

  2. Deb Endres says:

    I love the look of mercury glass, and your project turned out beautifully! Thanks for letting us know that we can achieve this look by DIY!

  3. Kirstin Marie
    Twitter: kirstinfoley

    It looks great! I didn’t even know they made that cool spray stuff.

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