DIY Pearl Sunglasses // Inspired by Chanel

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

I love the embellished sunglasses trend right now. For a while, I had a floral pair on my mind to make, but when I saw this pair of Chanel sunglasses with a subtle pearl detail, I knew these were ones to try my hand at first. They have a classic elegance in a way that Chanel is known for, while incorporating one of their mainstays, pearls. The interesting thing about the designer pair is that the pearls are actually embedded into the frame, peeking out from the inside so really only the person wearing them can see the hidden pearls within. To get this effect, I used half faux pearls from the scrap-booking section of my local craft store and attached them on the top of some cat-eye sunglasses. (Here is a very cute pair from ASOS too!)

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

 Materials: Acer Iconia W5 c/o Intel, E-6000 glue, Sunglasses, Adhesive Faux Pearls

I like having a photo of my inspiration beside me while I’m working. Using my tablet with this photo of the Chanel glasses I found on Pinterest allowed me to get my spacing similar to theirs.

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses

Because the pearl embellishments were sticky on the back, I was able to place a few on the glasses to test out spacing. To stick them on permanently, I dipped the flat side of the pearl onto the E6000 glue and gently placed on the glasses with some tweezers. (My favorite are Tweezerman.)

Chanel Inspired Sunglasses Chanel Inspired Sunglasses


Disclosure: I received the Acer tablet as part of Intel’s Tablet Crew campaign. All opinions are my own.

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10 Responses to DIY Pearl Sunglasses // Inspired by Chanel

  1. Rocquelle
    Twitter: ConsiderMeLuvly

    Super cute!!

  2. I love these! Great DIY project. They turned out so cute.

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    Twitter: jmariestyle

    I would probably end up gluing my fingers to each other.

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  7. Andrea says:

    I found this on Pinterest while drooling over images of the gorgeous Chanel pearl sunglasses – I’m going to have to give this a go! These are amazing :) thanks for the advice and links :)
    Following you on twitter and your blog now! If you have a spare moment please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow back and keep in touch :)

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