(DIY) MOD Stripe Tee – Inspired by Marc Jacobs

diy mod tee inspiration

I saw this graphic striped tee in a few magazines this month and thought it was a very simple design that makes a big statement. Inspired by the mod sixties and Edie Sedgwick, this design from the spring 2013 Marc Jacobs show is a cool way to dress like a modern free spirit. Follow along the simple tutorial to make your own!

diy mod tee steps

1. Supplies: Plain white tee, black fabric paint, foam brush, scotch tape

*Note* Place a magazine, newspaper or cardboard in the shirt so the paint doesn’t soak through.

2. Tape two parallel lines on the front of the shirt for how tall you want your lines.

3. Layer tape to be about 1.5″ thick for the lines, or use some tape that thickness.

4. Place one strip of tape down the middle of the parallel lines.

5-6. Repeat until you have 6 white boxes of shirt to paint (7 vertical stripes of tape).

7-8. Squirt fabric paint into the first box and spread with the foam brush.

9. Repeat until all boxes are filled in and let dry.

10. Peel off the tape and it’s ready to wear!

Runway image via Style.com
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20 Responses to (DIY) MOD Stripe Tee – Inspired by Marc Jacobs

  1. April
    Twitter: knockedupfab

    Another GREAT diy, Kara! I love how simple it seems, yet it will make a big statement!

  2. Rocquelle
    Twitter: ConsiderMeLuvly

    What a cute and simple DIY!!

  3. Love this knockoff and maybe it’s because I’m partial to black and white and graphic (and easy). Posted the top photo with a link back to you on truebluemenandyou.

  4. Tanya says:

    Love this, great job!

  5. Daisymay says:

    The easiest DIY ever! Score! What a fun Tee

    Daisy Dayz
    New Alternate Day Diet Blog

  6. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It
    Twitter: erinpruckno

    This looks great! I saw the DIY potential in this too– so glad you tackled it!

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Thanks :) I was wondering if everyone would be making these. As soon as I saw it too, I thought it would be such a good DIY project.

  7. Lia
    Twitter: smartnsnazzy

    Great job, Kara! So easy to make… I may just have to do this!

  8. Curtis
    Twitter: Curtis

    This is interesting. It looks easy to do & fast.

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  10. Diane Niedzialkowski says:

    Love this! Should I place a plastic bag between the layers of the tee shirt in case there is any black paint bleed through?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Yes! Thank you for noticing— I forgot to write that in the directions! I actually used a few pieces of newspaper, but a bag or cardboard would work too. Thanks Diane! :)

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  13. Gissi Jimenez
    Twitter: Gissij

    More Stripes! love it :) I was looking to do a diy of this tshirt too :)

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  15. Frida says:

    Cool & very chic t-shirt :)

    I’m def. sharing this on my blog.



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