Delicate Glitter Masquerade Mask

The chic masquerade mask I made last year has by far been my most popular post to date. Now it’s back with a whole new look! I get a ton of questions asking if it’s possible to forgo tying it on with ribbon and to instead use some kind of adhesive to apply the mask directly to your face. Instead of doling out more┬áspeculative answers, I wanted to try it out myself so I could give you a definite answer. I successfully applied the mask with eyelash adhesive and it stayed on perfectly! The trick is to apply many tiny drops of the glue to various parts of the mask so it is adhered well enough to form to the curves of your face and and stay on while you smile and talk.

See the original post here for instructions on how to make the mask and to download the free template. If you want to make it a glitter mask, follow the same instructions, just add glitter before you let the mask dry. For this mask, I used white fabric paint, gold glitter and Duo eyelash adhesive. Have fun!

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  2. that is so cool! what a great ida for halloween, NYE, or a fancy wedding.
    thanks for re-sharing!!!!! you’re full of amazing ideas :)

    happy friday.
    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. Kirstin Marie
    Twitter: kirstinfoley

    Love this Kara. I like this one better than the original post! It would be so pretty for so many different things.

  4. Loved the original mask and like this one even more!

  5. TheChambrayCountess
    Twitter: chambraycountes

    That is ridiculously cool! And good to know now that Halloween costume planning has begun ;)

  6. The Fashionable ESQ
    Twitter: FashionableESQ

    You’re so creative! I can’t deal! <3
    The Fashionable ESQ

  7. Erika Patino L.M.T. says:

    This is really cute and creative. I will put it to good use this year! Thanks :D

  8. Rhiannon says:

    SO cute!!!! Do you have too reply the eyelash glue each time you wear it like you do with spirit gum? I would think so but I’m just making sure.

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  10. Theresa says:

    Making it this weekend. I’ll share a pic back. Thanks for the advice about the eyelash glue.

  11. Kassie says:

    I just made the black mask and saw this post and realized I don’t need the ribbon! Is that what the eyelash adhesive does? How well does it stay on your face with that?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Yes, the eyelash glue lets it stay on your face without tying it on with a ribbon. I applied it in a bunch of different spots on the mask and it stayed on really well, even with talking and smiling. I had it on for about an hour and a half to test it before taking it off and not one spot detached.

  12. sarah says:

    You are beautiful!

  13. Marissa says:

    Kara this is beautiful, thank you for sharing!! You’ve saved my Halloween. :)

  14. Cathy says:

    Trying to download template but it is not working – could you help me out or email me the template Thank you

  15. Tanzania
    Twitter: Creole_cutie84

    Is it possible to add little crystals?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Yes, crystals would look wonderful! You can get as creative as you want. I even saw some people attach feathers to it.

  16. Maira Eaton says:

    I love your blog! I couldn’t resist and I made my sparkly mask yesterday. Here is a link to a picture od me wearing it :)

  17. Stunningly simple yet so pretty! <3 We would be happy to donate some masks to you for your next tutorial, please let us know! Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  18. Kelsi K
    Twitter: kelsikranberry

    I just did this with silver glitter paint, but when I went to peel it off after it had dried overnight, the saran wrap COMPLETELY stuck to the tulle. Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening if I do this again or another material I can use that won’t stick to the paint?

  19. Lucka says:

    It looks so beautiful, thank you for a good idea.
    You saved me :)

  20. Meghan says:

    Brilliant, thank you!

  21. Al says:

    Ive made the mask and it looks wonderful, having trouble peeling the clingfilm away from the tulle though, so it might have to stay on…

  22. Sadie says:

    I’m making this mask for prom. I’ll be dancing and such, do you think the mask will come off with sweating?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      I think it would be ok if you’re not playing with it or constantly touching it to make sure its on. You can always do a test run!

  23. Kitty says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! this is perfect for my Prom!!!! Our theme is masquerade, and my dress is vintage… I was having trouble finding a mask to match, but this is perfect <3

  24. I don’t think anyone asked the question that I’m most concerned about.
    How was it taking the mask off? Did your face suffer any residue glue etc?
    This is a #1 idea….thanks for sharing.

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Great question! It was perfectly fine taking it off, didn’t hurt and if there was any bit of glue left on your face it was easy to take off. Mostly, I found that the glue stayed on the mask which just peeled off, that way you can re-wear it as much as you want :)

  25. Christina T says:

    I plan to try making both the glitter mask and the original black one. I think with the black one I may put some adhesive gem stones on it too and see how that works. Thanks for sharing these! What a beautiful and creative (and cheap!) idea.

  26. Verity says:

    This is so beautiful! I am being Cat Woman for my yr 12 muck up day and am going to make this with black glitter!! Thank you so much! It was $400 for the only cat woman mask that didn’t look takky and this is a much better option!

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  28. Kaylee says:

    What kind of paint did you use? Im assuming its the puffy stuff but I couldnt tell. Also, was the glitter more of a dusty consistency than the kind with all the little circular pieces? Thanks :)

  29. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful masks and so clever! I’m going to try this for my daughter. She has a black and white, masquerade, sweet 16 birthday party coming up. I noticed that some people had trouble with the plastic wrap sticking, so I thought I would substitute waxed paper. I’ll let you know if that works, but I really just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent and ingenuity! As an elementary school art teacher I would have to give you an A++++++!!

  30. J says:

    Perfect for glasses wearers. I’m going to attach it to my glasses with some ribbon and I think it will be awesome

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