Create the Look (Illustrated!): Edun Spring 2012

| Necklace | Candle | Cuff | Sandals | Pants

One thing to start getting excited about is your summer vacation (and planning what to wear)! Even if you aren’t going anywhere, it’s fun to daydream about what exotic place you’d love to travel to one day. I’m loving this look from Edun’s spring/summer 2012 line. The flowy blouse and silky pants, both in complementary patterns and hues, evoke a sense of relaxation and adventure you feel while on vacation. I chose this look for some tropical destination where you’d be spending equal time exploring the rainforest and lounging on the sand.

Photo via / Illustrations by Kara
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3 Responses to Create the Look (Illustrated!): Edun Spring 2012

  1. Josie says:

    I LOVE those sandals! So cute.
    xo Josie

  2. TheChambrayCountess
    Twitter: chambraycountes

    This would definitely make me feel like I was on vacation! I already wanted the Anthro shirt, but now I want it even more… I liked how you deconstructed and reconstructed the look as well :)

  3. Jaclyn
    Twitter: jaclynkilfoyle

    Great outfit, I want that shirt. The illustrations are a perfect touch too!

    Stay in the Lines

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