DIY Spiked Comb

I’m really excited about this DIY because I’ve been meaning to do it for months and finally got around to it. I first got the idea from a street style photo on taken by Tommy Ton of the Maison Michel ‘Solene Lord of War’ comb and immediately pinned it into my DIY to-do folder. I got the kick I needed when I found that the girls at Honestly WTF made their own version and it came out amazing. I didn’t have the same spikes as theirs (used leftovers that I had from previous projects) so mine is a bit different.

I looked all over town for the right comb but didn’t find one, so I bought this on ebay for about a dollar (you can also get one here). The spikes are from— the ones I used are here. And I bought the glue at Michaels.

I laid out the spikes to see how many I needed and to know how to space them out.

I started with one spike in the middle, then took the WTF girls’ advice and did two on the ends. That made it easier to see where to stick on the other spikes in the middle. Give it a good amount of glue and hold it in place for about a minute.

Finished! I also squeezed some glue around the base of each spike after they were all dry to make sure it was secure.

You can wear it on the top of your head…

or the back!

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5 Responses to DIY Spiked Comb

  1. Lydia
    Twitter: myCutieBoots

    Uh? Amazing! It’s such a simple DIY but outcome looks so freakin cool, especially when worn at the back! I’m completely gutted that I don’t have long hair at the mo, but when I do…I’m totally making one. I LOVE IT

  2. Josie says:

    Kara, this is ADORABLE! I’m obsessed!
    xo Josie

  3. TheChambrayCountess
    Twitter: chambraycountes

    Oooh, too cool! The back-style with the bun is my fav!

  4. La Perle says:

    So cool! Where did you get that idea – I love it and am going to try it out! So glad to have found your blog!


  5. Kirstin Marie
    Twitter: kirstinfoley

    Nice!! I love it on the back. Looks so fun.

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