Chic Masquerade – DIY Mask & Template

If you need a last minute Halloween costume, look no further. I found inspiration from various places like Free People and Screaming Mimi’s (of which this DIY is based) and figured out a way to get the chic look for less. I wanted to recreate this intricate mask with things you’d find at home in your craft cupboard. This way you can save major money and have fun at the same time. (A great thing about a mask is that it’s not just for Halloween— if you have any other holiday masquerades or costume parties in the next few months, you can use this mask!)

You’ll need tulle or sheer fabric (I used tulle), fabric scissors, ribbon, black fabric paint, saran wrap, tape and my mask template [below].

Print out the template and place on table. Then tape a piece of plastic wrap over it.

Cut out your tulle to at least 10″x5″ and tape on top of plastic wrap.

Make sure everything is taped down securely and start tracing the black part of the template with fabric paint.

Let it dry overnight.  Gently peel tulle away from saran wrap.

Cut out around the mask, including eyeholes.

Cut two pieces of ribbon 20″ each. Spread a little fabric glue on the tips and attach them to the mask. Let dry 1-2 hours. (You can trim the strands shorter if you like, just make sure it will tie around your head before cutting!)

style it

Pair with a classic look, casual or dressy, and let the festivities begin!

(I’m wearing: Stylemint shirt, Express belt, Style & Co dress, UO tights, Nine West heels, Revlon ‘Fire & Ice’ lipstick)


make it

Click the photo to download it full size. Don’t scale it down in the print settings- everything will fit on standard 8.5×11″ paper.

*This template is for personal use only, do not distribute or sell the design.

more mask designs

Click here to see the glitter version!

Click here for 4 new mask templates!

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207 Responses to Chic Masquerade – DIY Mask & Template

  1. MJ
    Twitter: MJ_Beauty

    Oh shoot, I think I can actually do this one! How creative is this?? I would have never thought of that and it does make an awesome last minute Halloween costume. (DIY people like you save the DIY challenged like me a lot of money!) :)

  2. L. Figment
    Twitter: L_Figment

    Wow! That is an amazing idea! I love it.

  3. Lia
    Twitter: smartnsnazzy

    Wow, this is INCREDIBLE!! I love it, you look great with it on, and it is so chic!!!! Great job, Kara!!!
    Twitter: @smartnsnazzy

  4. Bex says:

    wow this is amazing and looks great on
    will definatly try it out :)
    bex xx

  5. Aly B.
    Twitter: therosealley

    What a great way to do a mask! It came out so well. Love.

    -Aly @

  6. Bella Q
    Twitter: citizenrosebudz

    And yet another AMAZING D.I.Y.
    You’ve got a knack, chica!

  7. Josie says:

    This is GORGEOUS! You did such a fabulous job.
    xo Josie

  8. Sara @ Gameday Stylist
    Twitter: gamedaystylist

    Such a great idea!!!!

  9. michelle
    Twitter: divalicious_m

    you always make amazing DIY :)

  10. Kate S says:

    This is really really awesome!! I dont know if I have a steady enough hand for this but I would be willing to give it a try!! :D


  11. wida says:

    Umm…WOW! This is such a great DIY!! Good for last minute costumes!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  12. Lauren Nicole
    Twitter: FrntRowSpctator

    You are such a great DIY person! I swear, I’m so obsessed with your blog, the layout, the photos, your flawless face, your crafty posts….

    I love everything about Sprinkles in Springs.

  13. Kristin says:

    What a gorgeous mask! You did an amazing job!

  14. That mask is really cool :D

    Twitter: ladyofashion

    Love this mask. so cute! I agree and have worn masks not just for Halloween. Great job!

  16. Stephanie says:

    this is the most brilliant idea for a mask i’ve seen.
    holy crap.
    sorry for the language but seriously. SUCH a great idea!

  17. Mary Ann
    Twitter: thedapperbun

    This is a super cool DIY – I love it!

  18. Dree Harper says:

    love it! (and that shade of lipstick on you, too!) added your link to my blog today. :)

  19. Brenda says:

    Hi I still can download the mask. Any ideas? I tried to copy paste and it didnt work and when I click it on and then print image it would print to big… thanks love this mask

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      When you go to print the large image, click the box that says “scale fit to page” in the print dialog box and see if that helps.

  20. Randi says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I’m having a problem getting it to form to my face though. Like it flops down. Any ideas?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Try to make the sides and straps wider- see if that helps. And try not to tie it too tight because that might be making the top and bottom looser, causing it to flop down.

  21. Michelle says:

    I tried this, several times, but my tulle and paint stuck to the saran wrap, and my mask ended up in the garbage. Is there a certain type of saran wrap I should use? or would wax paper work better?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      You can try wax paper on a small piece of tulle and a blob of paint to see if that would work- I haven’t tried that so you can tell me how it goes. But make sure the saran wrap is stretched and taped tight so there’s no creases and it’s just a smooth surface you’re working on. And pull the mask off the saran wrap when it’s still taped to the table. That might be why it’s sticking for you. Let me know if that helps!

  22. Emily
    Twitter: missemilyjd

    I needed a mask for a 16th I’m going to this weekend and this is PERFECT.

    now I’m off to paint my nails using the ‘turquoise stone inspired nails’ idea.. so glad I found your blog :3

  23. Little Red says:

    This is so lovely! I can’t wait for mardi gras now!

  24. mel says:

    This is so clever! So much better than buying those generic masks that you have to squint through and don’t fit your face at all. Now all I need is a masquerade party…

  25. Anna Meg says:

    You could also skip the ribbon completely and just use some eyelash glue (placed strategically) to secure year I dressed as a garden gnome and the beard wouldn’t stay put no matter how hard I tried and that was the trick! :)

  26. michelle says:

    what a cool idea! i’ve always loved the filigree masquerade masks but could never come up with a good way to replicate it, thanks for the tutorial!!

  27. staci says:

    BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing this – AND it’s beautiful!

  28. deniquo
    Twitter: deniquo

    do i need to tell you how much i adore such masks! this is just awesome.. and so easy that i won’t mind making a bunch of them for friends -really close ones i mean lol!

  29. Lola (deMaite&Lola)
    Twitter: cabezadenispero

    What a Wonderfull Idea!!!


    Kiss, Lola

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  31. Heather says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! My little sister is getting married in New Orleans and we were discussing doing masques for the bachelorette party. In my research I found you could either have pretty masques, or cheap masques. This will be cheap and pretty AND I can do it in the wedding colors!! Awesome!

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Great! That’s going to be so fun for a bachelorette party. I’d love to see a pic after you guys all make them :)

  32. Marla says:

    Went to a masquerade ball recently, and wish I would have seen this tutorial! Beautiful!

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  34. Wendy says:

    So gorgeous. And open to so much customization. I pinned this early today on Pinterest and it was a HUGE hit!

  35. stacy
    Twitter: stacymineart

    I can’t believe I just saw this now! We helped decorate a wedding last weekend and needed some DIY props for the photobooth–this would have been perfect!

    Anyway, I’ve just made one and it’s drying as we speak–at least we’ll be prepared for the next wedding!

  36. Suzy says:

    I was looking for a DIY Masquerade mask to make for my friends upcoming Masquerade Party, and i just stumbled across this and fell in love! It’s such a brilliant idea, it’s a must have! Thank you!

  37. Ashton Ricks
    Twitter: ashtonkp

    Please Help!! I absolutely love these, GENIUS but it wont let me print it full scale. When I clicked on the picture, it pulled it up as a webpicture and when I print it, it print only half of the mask. I tried to save it and print it but it only would print it in 4×6. I need this for a surprise party next weekend, please help!

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Sounds like your printer is set to print out a 4×6, try going in to the print settings and selecting the 8.5×11 paper output size and see if that works.

  38. stephanie says:

    Great Idea!! Maybe instead of plastic wrap use wax paper, then for sure it won’t stick to the paper when peeling…Im going to try it, you can also free style cob webs design and make cute placemats or little trivet style things to put on table for halloween.

  39. Kiersten says:

    Oh my gosh! so cool where did you find the template?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      I made it on Photoshop; the design is based on the Screaming Mimi’s mask I linked to in the beginning of the post.

  40. Bleh Kitty says:

    Think of all the possiblities! You could make all sorts of masks, not just the one that you made the template for.

  41. judi
    Twitter: Mom

    {♥} …thank you for sharing.

  42. Flaming June says:

    Do you think fixing to your face with spirit gum would work instead of using a ribbon?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Yes, I’m sure that would work perfectly! Someone also suggested using eyelash glue, so anything that is used to glue something to your face would work.

  43. Willow
    Twitter: WillowP1969

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. As someone who wears glasses I’ve never been able to get a mask that would go under or over my glasses, with this I’ll be able to wear my glasses! I know it wont look as cool as without but I’ll have a mask AND be able to see :D

    Not sure if I actually have a halloween thing to go to this year but I will be making it at some point!

    Thanks again

  44. Jasanna
    Twitter: Munchtalks

    Such a fantastic idea!!! :)

  45. mirna lora says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG love this it is beautiful :3

  46. Public Service Announcement- I tried this today, using contact paper instead of Saran Wrap. I had hoped that the contact paper-template-cardboard sandwich would allow me to have a reusable template. FAIL. The contact paper stuck miserably to the painted tulle. Next time, I’ll use plastic wrap, as per your instructions!!! :D

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  48. I love this project, it’s so cleaver and easy!
    Well done! :D

  49. cat says:

    I’m having trouble printing the template. It will only print out a small scale of the template and when i make it bigger, it prints on two pieces of paper. Help? Thanks much

  50. Galina Schoettger
    Twitter: Galina Schoettger

    awesome Thanks.

  51. vivianne soares says:

    Hey! I just made this and mu tulle doesnt want to come out of the plastic and if i force it the lines stay in the plastic, not in the tulle! Do u have any advice?

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Make sure the plastic is pulled tightly so there are no ridges or loose parts. The mask will peel off better if the tulle and the plastic have been taped on taught.

  52. Clover Macau says:

    I have the same problem, I have taped the plastic and the tulle to the table but when I peel off the tulle the drawing stays in the plastic!

    • Jesslin says:

      It might be the kind of fabric paint you’re using. The Tulip brand is pretty plasticy and three dimensional, so if you’re using a thinner/different brand, it might not work the same way. Look for a three dimensional type of paint and it will probably work better.

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  54. Rhiannon says:

    This is so great!!! Full of possibilities!!! Does the puff paint have too be black? Or can we explore with the rainbow? (:

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  56. Amanda says:

    When I click the picture to download it and then print, without doing any adjustments, only one corner of the mask prints on the page…. :-(

  57. Donedin says:

    aaaaand your a genius.

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  59. parastou says:


    This is amazing. i’m making 30 of these for a friends surprise birthday – how much fabric paint did you use to make one? i have no idea how much i need to buy!


    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Cool! I really have no idea how much you will need but I’m sure a larger bottle of the fabric paint will be more than enough, it didn’t take that much paint. Or maybe 2-3 smaller ones just to be safe, they’re not that expensive so I always get a little more than I think I need so I don’t have to make a special trip to the store for a $1 bottle of paint. Good luck, and I’d love to see pictures from the party!! xx

  60. Leeanna says:

    I love this! Thank you for showing me how to make a beautiful mask. :)

  61. Meghan says:

    So, I did this, and am so happy with the results! I did mine in blue, but filled in the holes with white glitter, then embellished the mask a little by adding pearls. I’m so excited, because the masquerade is Saturday, and I think I’ll have the awesomest homemade mask! Thank you!!

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Wow that sounds so pretty, kind of wintery with the colors you picked! The pearls are a nice touch. I’d love to see a photo. You can email it or post it on my fb page :) Have a great time at your party! xx

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  64. Shannon says:

    Love this!! Made a bunch for the people I’m walking with for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk

  65. Janice says:

    I’m having a hard time with it being tacky after I am completely done and having it stick to itself, and then getting ruined :( Any ideas?

  66. Alex Powell says:

    Im having issues with my mask and it keeps bunching up at the nose. Any suggestions on how to stop that? Thanks love this diy mask!

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  68. Holly says:

    I can’t get the mask to print out at the right size. Way too small. ]:

  69. Pingback: DIY Halloween Inspiration «

  70. ro says:

    I was just wondering where you possibly got your template? I love this idea but am an awful drawer, especially with filigree, and I would love to see if there were other/different patterns.

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      I drew it based off a similar mask I saw from Screaming Mimis. There will be more patterns coming soon so keep an eye out :)

  71. Alexis says:

    Hey yall! If you’re having problems getting the mask to seperate from the saran wrap, put a very very thin layer of vaseline on the saran wrap before you tape the tulle down for painting. It only took me 3 tries to figure that one out, but once I did that the painted mask seperated from the saran wrap without issue!

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  74. Sasha Farnsworth says:

    I just made this! Thank you so much for the inspiration and pattern!!! You are awesome!!

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  78. Jenny says:

    Cut a ziplock bag into a large square.
    Use that instead of the saran wrap. The mask will be able to peel off easily.

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  80. Andrea says:

    Thanks for sharing this, My hubbys company party next month is a masquerade and this looks perfect for it.

  81. Marie says:

    Thank you for the excellent pattern. Your directions were clear and easy to follow. My daughter’s mask. My daughter’s mask.

  82. Michelle E says:

    I made a mask for my four-year-old daughter’s peacock costume and it worked perfectly after I figured out how to solve some issues. I couldn’t get the saran wrap to lay flat enough, which caused the paint to go through the tulle rather than sit on it. The solution was a sheet of transparency film that I happened to have from an old overhead projecter. Then I couldn’t get the dried mask off the film, but after a few minutes in the freezer, it popped right off. I didn’t have any eyelash adhesive, but I didn’t want the strings to be visible. I had some stretchy clear string for jewelry making (I think it’s called Magic String) that I attached with a hot glue gun, and it was invisible once the mask was on. Thanks for the amazing idea–I know I’ll be using this in the future.

  83. Eliza
    Twitter: mllemercurial

    THIS IS AWESOME! And to think I was fretting over how to stand out in the crowd and with my small budget! THANKYOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL POST AND DIY TIP! ^~^

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  87. Stephanie says:

    Last night I made a white mask with iridescent glitter and I love it! It’s for a masquerade ball coming up at the end of November. I would post a picture but I’m not sure it will let me. Thank you so much for the tutorial! :)

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  91. candi says:

    I want to make this but I can’t get the template to load! HELP!!!!

  92. Pingback: DIY Project: Fabric Paint Mask | I Love. Therefore, I Cook.

  93. Lyla Rose says:

    This is AMAZING! We have a company Christmas masquerade at the end of the week and I wanted a dainty mask to match a lace dress I have- this is cheap and will look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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  95. Loretta Karlov says:

    I would love to make this but I can’t as it won’t let me download the template! HELP!!!!

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  99. A says:

    Thanks for share, with your tutorial I’ve already done mine for New Year’s Eve party!
    Have a look

  100. Monica Lee says:

    Hi Kara,

    This is an AWESOME DIY project with great results and completely doable! You’ve inspired me to be more creative and save money! However, I was wondering if you’ve ever done any asymmetrical (half face) or other types of templates? I really like this mask I saw on a movie (Step Up 4-restaurant dance) that I really want for my next masquerade dance but it costs about $100. I was wondering/hoping if you could possibly do a template for it or help me do one (I’m not much of an artist AT ALL!)? I realize you did this about a year ago but it would really awesome if you could reply or help me out! Your craft is going EVERYWHERE on pinterest :) Below are two links of the mask I’m looking forward to possibly making!
    (minus the chains under the right eye)

    or this mask displays it better

    and if that link doesn’t work, something like this:

    I’ve tried to get pictures with the masks as flat as they can get but I feel like it’s not going to ever work because they’re curved/rounded still.

    Let me know if you can help please! :)


    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Hi Monica,

      Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like this project! I do have 4 more templates that you can choose from (links at the bottom of this post), or I can create a custom template for you. Email me if you’re interested at

  101. Jennah says:

    Hi Kara!

    Me&a friend of mine we’re really inspired, and made our own versions for NYE. You can find the post here: , I of course gave you some link love :)


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  106. Chelsea Ward says:

    I loved making these masks! I did a version of it with my kiddos this past week too:
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

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  109. Ashly Erickson says:

    I am trying to print the templete but it will not print properly, it only pints like a third of it huge. So i tried taking it to word but then its too elongated. How do you print it????

  110. Hi Kara, I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done with these masks and your tutorial!

    I am from a mask company, and we have many types of plain bases that can be used for decorating and creating masquerade masks….we would love to donate some masks to you for use in another tutorial if you’d like. I entered my email above so you should have it. Just wanted to extend the invitation :)

    Keep up all your great work here!


  111. Claire says:

    Hi, is the saran wrap supposed to be stuck to the back of mask after you remove it? Thanks.

  112. Bridget says:

    Made this for Mardi Gras and received many compliments on it!! Thanks for the instructions!!
    Love from NOLA!

    Pic here:

  113. Geneviève says:

    Que c’est joli! Un tout grand merci! :-)))

  114. Francesca says:

    thank you so much for the idea i struggled to find the fabric paint over here in Italy but glitter gel was just quite right!! its gonna dry over night and i’ll wear it tomorrow for a theme party ;-) amazing and well explained thank you

  115. Dane says:

    woua!!! j’ adore c’ est d’ une élégance!! magnifique c’ est sublimissime , quel travail je me suis inscrite a ta news pour ne pas perdre une seule de tes réalisations a bientôt biz

  116. heather says:

    We are going to a masquerade ball/fundraiser tonight, and I was so excited to try make this mask for myself and a friend rather than spend a bunch of money on something gaudy. A few tricks that I learned:

    1. Print the template twice. cut one of the paper templates out and hold up to your face to see if it is the right size. Obviously people have different sized faces and eyes, and it sounds like it prints out at different sizes depending on your computer/printer… it took me 3 tries before I got the right size for my face

    2. Make time to do a few practice masks. I made four from the first printing of the template, before it dried and I realized it was too small… But it was good practice, so by the time I got to the size that actually fit me (I had to print at 135% of original), it was MUCH easier, and my hand was used to the pattern.

    3. I actually used Glad Press’n’Seal because I didn’t have any regular plastic wrap. It worked great because one side of it is already a little bit sticky, so I was able to get it to stick very smoothly over the template before putting the tulle on top.

    4. If you start with a brand new bottle of paint, it is much harder to control the amount that come out, which makes the finest lines of the design almost impossible…. doing a few practice rounds will help, so by the time you get to that “last” one, there isn’t as much paint in the bottle, and you will be able to control the flow better.

    I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to glue ribbon on, or use eyelash adhesive… at this point I am just hoping they are dry by tonight when I need them. And I also might add a little gold glitter to mine, to go with my gold sparkly shoes and earrings…

    Thanks for the great, creative idea! : )

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  118. geezee says:

    I used your mask tutorial as my participation in a Pinterest Linky party and posted on my site.

  119. Panda says:

    Hi, we are planning a wedding and love this mask but dont have time. Is there any way we can order them from you? How much would you charge?

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  121. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for posting this – someone just “taught” this at AllCon in Dallas and they did a terrible job. Wrinkled Tulle, nothing taped down, etc.

    If I might add something – if you make the tulle long enough, the mask can morph right into two ties at each side so it is complete in and of itself.

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Oh no that doesn’t sound like a winner!

      Your idea is fantastic— I think it would be great to try that out. Thanks! :)

  122. Stacy says:

    If you do not want ribbon, you could use eyelash glue as a skin adhesive and it will peel right off when you take off the masque!

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  124. Bree Carrick
    Twitter: breetato

    This is such a fun idea! I loved it so much I used it for a dance and posted about it on my blog. You should check it out. I seriously love your creativity, amazing!

  125. Sharlet Bonnell says:

    DO NOT USE Stretch Tite Platic Wrap. It sticks to the paint and you cannot get it off.

  126. Sharlet Bonnell says:

    Advise to anyone who has their mask stick to the plastic/syran wrap. Put it in the freezer for 25 minutes. Then try to peel it off. It worked for me.

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  128. Ginny says:

    I love this idea! I recently made a DIY tulle skirt (kind of like the Anthropologie one), and I think that this is a great use for the extra tulle fabric. I posted a picture of my completed mask on my blog.

    Thanks for the inspiration and template.


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  132. Nicole Cunha says:

    I’ve been looking for unique mask ideas to share with potential guests for our annual masquerade fund-raising gala – MasqueRaven and I found your site. Just wanted to let you know that I made your tutorial a featured post with link backs to you blog. Thanks for a great idea to share with our supporters!

    Here is a link for you to check out the page:

    I can’t wait to try out making the mask!


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  134. Kristen says:

    I was wondering, if you were to use eyelash glue, would it come off of your face without leaving any marks or glue when you take it off? I was thinking about suggesting this to my friend for her quincenera which is masquerade themed, and wasn’t sure if ribbon or eyelash glue would be better, especially if we wouldn’t be wearing it the whole time.
    I really love the design of this and it would be perfect with silver glitter!

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      It could leave a few bits of glue but they’re super easy to take off. If I were you, I’d go with ribbon. That way you guys could take them on and off without worrying about glue. Have a great time at the quince and hope they turn out— the silver glitter would look awesome!

  135. Addi says:

    This is such a cute idea. Perfect for a Halloween party!

  136. Tina says:

    I really just want to say that I love you for posting this! I have been looking for a mask like this all over the place while on a budget. Quite frankly I like this one better than the metal ones I was thinking of buying!! Thank You! You are a life saver!!

  137. Such a cool idea! It could be taken in so many different directions too! Awesome–thanks for sharing.

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  143. Sarah Lloyd says:

    Love this mask! I used your instructions and template but modified the design to make one inspired by Frida Kahlo. Do you mind if I credit and link this post to my blog entry about it?


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  147. Kristi says:

    Hi! I am trying to download your Chic Masquerade Mask and Template for a Masquerade dance at a Children’s group home. I would love to help the girls here make these for the dance! I was easily able to download and print the additional four mask templates but the first one, the Chic Masquerade mask will not print for me. It just prints enlarged and only about one quarter of the mask. I have tried all the scaling options that I know of and have tried to download the template into another format but nothing seems to work. I don’t know if you can help me somehow put this mask in the same format as the other four? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much for all of your creative ideas!

  148. Katrina Kaif says:

    The tip is beautiful………. I LOVE IT! will surly try this..thank you

  149. Jamie says:

    Hi Kara,
    This mask is gorgeous! I’m making one for my 18th Masquerade party in a week and a half :D

    Any tips on how to get the fabric paint to come out in a thin line? I did a trial run earlier today and mine kind of just blobs too much, like it runs out of the bottle too fast.

    I’m making this mask in black (on white tulle) and adding rhinestones (like the ones used for scrapbooking) for my 18th Masquerade party. Do you have any idea what glue I should use for the rhinestones, or do you think they would stick ok to the fabric paint?



    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Hi Jamie,

      To get the line thinner, try not squeezing the bottle as hard (so not as much paint comes out) and work quicker so you’re not lingering too long and squeezing too much paint in one area. Or you can try seeing if there’s another fabric paint with a smaller nozzle or a different brand of paint that might be a thicker consistency. As for the rhinestones, stick them straight on the fabric paint before it dries.

      Hope you have a great party!! The black paint on white tulle sounds like it will come out beautifully! I’d love to see a photo when you’re done- you can post it on my facebook page :)

      Thanks and good luck!

      • Jamie says:

        Hi again Kara,

        After 3 unsuccessful attempts at this mask, I finally made it successfully and it looks gorgeous! My only issue now is how to get the ribbon to stick on. I did it with the fabric paint like you suggested, I put the fabric paint on the edge of the mask and put the ribbon on that, and then put fabric paint on top of the ribbon, but my ribbon just pulls out of the side when I try to tie it on! Any ideas for how I can fix it?! I only have 3 days left!


        • Kara
          Twitter: sprinklesprings

          Sorry it’s not working out for you! Try using some fabric glue or hand sewing the ribbon on. (You can also choose to forgo the ribbon and stick it on with eyelash glue if all else fails!)

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  152. Wonderful idea !!
    I translated it into french in my website (
    Thanks again for your imagination
    Keep enjoy create,

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  154. Wendy Lupo says:

    Hi Kara, Great idea, easy to make, thank you for the template! <3 <3 I will try it for my next Halloween party!

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  156. Vickie says:

    I just found this post…I wish I had seen it years ago. Thanks for sharing!

  157. Pingback: ¿Truco o trato? Ideas para tu estilismo de Halloween

  158. Priscilla says:

    Ball Nite coming up soon…

    This is fantastic!!

    I will definitely try this out, and upload the pics :) of my final mask.

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  162. Kenisha says:

    I love this design great job!

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  165. Jane says:

    Gorgeous mask! Thanks for sharing!

  166. Pingback: DIY: Masquerade Masks

  167. Desiree says:

    the original mask won’t print. The melting mask template printed just fine but I need the masquerade one to print. Is there another link or can you email it to me? Going on a cruise and my friends and I are making these.

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