DIY- Spiked Bag

I’m so happy to have finally done this DIY! Ever since the Alexander Wang ‘Rocco‘ satchel came out, I’ve wanted it but told myself it would be better to create my own version instead of shelling out major bucks. Fast forward a few months and I finally found a great bag at Urban Outfitters that fit my criteria- the pebbled leather look, top handles and a strap, same silhouette, and medium sized. I bought the spikes (and some studs) here.

I measured the surface where the spikes were going and left a half inch border (so they wouldn’t be on the edge). Then I drew a grid on the page so that each spike would sit over the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. This way, I could lay the page over the bag and see about where to cut the hole.

(I also cut the lining of the bag so I could later sew it back together and not have to see the screws from the inside.)

Using an X-acto knife, I cut holes into the leather (eyeballing it after I lay the paper over it to gauge the location) and stuck the screws through from the inside of the bag.

Screw the spikes on by hand.

And you’re finished!

Hopefully this inspired you to make your own DIY. If you have any questions or if I didn’t explain something well, just ask in the comments. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an outfit post using this purse!!

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34 Responses to DIY- Spiked Bag

  1. caramellitsa
    Twitter: caramellitsa

    this bag is so cool!!
    love it :D

  2. Kristin says:

    Awesome DIY! The end result is killer!

  3. It looks amazing! You have totally inspired me to get doing some D.I.Y :)


  4. TheChambrayCountess
    Twitter: chambraycountes

    I have thought about doing that SO often and have been to lazy– you have put my laziness to shame! I love the results and the bag you picked to use is perfect! Nice work!

  5. Jamillah says:

    STEALING THIS! Suuuuuch a good diy. Uhg, I need to go out and get studs.

  6. Estelle
    Twitter: EstelleGriepink

    Wow, how clever of you to use a grid as a template…I’m so careless I wouldn’t even have thought of that! Good on you for doing what heaps of us have been putting on our to-do-lists and getting this diy done! x x x

  7. Marissa
    Twitter: WellAppCatwalk

    Umm… this is brilliant! I was lusting over the Rocco, too, but couldn’t bear to spend the money. Must give this a try.

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  11. Stella says:

    Fantastic! I’ve had a project like this on the backburner for months, but I want to make the purse from scratch. Maybe bc I’m a masochist. Heh. But, really, great work!

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  15. Lauren Nicole
    Twitter: FrntRowSpctator

    This is so awesome!! Wow! Totally impressed, great job!

  16. This is so well done!!!! I am impressed with you DIY skills :)

  17. Fantastic DIY! Honestly the DIY looks as good (if not better) than the designer bag.

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  23. Julian says:

    Whoa, this is fantastic! I really want to put studs on everything I own, haha.

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  26. I truly love this and am going to do it too. Thank you for the tutorial. Xxxx

  27. This idea is amazing!! Where did you get the riveting – plate??

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  31. Mirachelle says:

    I’ve been wating to do a project like this for so long! But won’t the other side (the screw side) of the spikes be exposed on the inside of the bag? Has that been a problem with having things inside that purse? I think that’s what’s been stopping me from doing this tutorial. Overall though, you DIY’ed a beautiful bag (:

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Thank you :) No, I don’t think the screws inside would be a problem. After you screw it on, it’s really flat and ‘one’ with the bottom of the bag, and they aren’t jagged or anything, so it should be fine. I actually cut a slit down the middle of the bag and screwed them underneath it so the screws wouldn’t show and then sewed it back down the middle. Now the screws don’t show. But you can really do it either way.

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