A Forest Friends Baby Shower

I recently attended/hosted a baby shower for my cousin. The theme was forest friends, as the baby’s room would be that theme as well. We made sure a lot of the foods & decorations were themed out and this is what we ended up with.

Baby’s Breath
A Dear Red Velvet Cake with Crushed Pecans
Bite Size S’mores (top), Leaf Shaped Sugar Cookies,
Acorn Shaped Peanut Butter Cookies dipped in Chocolate
Preparing the Tartines 
Arugula & Goat Cheese Tartine (left)
Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Tartine (right)
(Get the recipes here and here from Ina Garten at Food Network.)
 “Babies Swadled in a Blanket”
 Suffed Mushrooms
Trail Mix
The Dirty Diaper Game
 Baby Food Tasting Game
The unveiled baby foods
 Prizes for the games from Sur La Table
One of my wrapped gifts for the baby, featuring the forest friends
Gift for Baby Mason
Gift for Mommy
Top it all off with a fun headband
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5 Responses to A Forest Friends Baby Shower

  1. Stephany Parkey says:

    I really like the shower you put together. I am working on the same theme for a co-worker. I like the cut outs you have on your wrapped package. Where did you find those? Any info will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    • Kara
      Twitter: sprinklesprings

      Thank you! They were images taken from the bedroom set my cousin chose for the nursery. I saw them online but the resolution wasn’t high enough to print so I drew them in Illustrator and printed them out on cardstock.

      • Melissa says:

        Would you be interested in selling the files? I am having a forest friends baby shower and I would love to include these stickers on the envelope of the baby shower invite. Thanks!

        • Kara
          Twitter: sprinklesprings

          Hi Melissa :) Sorry, I don’t have the files anymore to give you. I couldn’t sell them anyway because of copyright. But if you’re artistic maybe you can freehand them on the envelope?

  2. KImberly says:

    Love these ideas!! That is the bedding I picked as well…I was really bummed that I couldn’t find any decorations to go with that theme for the shower but your ideas have really inspired me on what to do! :)

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